NuWay's KleanTech™ Towels ( use advanced
state-of-the-art microfiber looms and are proudly made exclusively in Taiwan.

The manufacture of KleanTech™ Towels are based on performance, not price.

All KleanTech Towels are mildew-proof, as certified by Daiwa Japan, and use
exclusive 3M technologies for enhanced fabric moisture wicking characteristics.

The super drying effect of the advanced microfiber made to use NuWay's
KleanTech Towels, will impress in their efficiency and effectiveness of user
drying on contact and then air-drying quickly when finished.

KleanTech™ Towels don't end up in the laundry as often as a normal towel.

This make KleanTech™ Towels odor free, easy to clean, super absorbent,
quick drying and eco-friendly!

KleanTech Kitchen and Bath:

We have incorporated Japan's industry leading Daiwa antibacterial and antimicrobial protections that are combined with 3M technologies, creating incredibly absorptive, feather-soft, fast drying towels that do not require cleaning in the same way that traditional towels do.

KleanTech Kitchen Towels are Daiwa Anti-Bacterial certified to kill 99.9 percent of Bacteria on contact. Clean a countertop with the KleanTech Kitchen Towel and you can eat off it! Dry dishes and not only kill bacterial build-up, but marvel at how much and how quickly the water disappears and is distributed into the microfiber of the towel. Then be further amazed at how fast the towel dries, staying soft and fresh smelling.

KleanTech Towels literally suck up water on contact. You will notice the obvious difference between KleanTech and a regular Bath Towel the minute you try one! THEY ARE VERY AND DEMONSTRABLY DIFFERENT. Cotton towels leave water on the skin that lubricates the sliding of the towel back and forth, as it gradually absorbs the water on your body after a shower. Without that water left on your skin, the KleanTech towel keeps you from feeling the cold of drafts, because your skin is completely dry.

KleanTech Bath Towels create an almost suction of the water on your body into the towel. The KleanTech Towel doesn't slip and slide on the skin because it is creating suction, completely wicking every drop it comes in contact with and dispersing it into the balance of the fibers in the towel. Your Body is dry in a fraction of the time. It is amazing!

And your Hair? You may not need your blow dryer anymore, or at a minimum will spend MUCH LESS TIME DRYING YOUR HAIR. And once again, these Bath Towels are Japan's Daiwa certified against mold or mildew. No smell--no need to launder as often, so they are eco-friendly too! And they air dry soft--not stiff--like cotton towels.

If You Really Want It Dry, Give KleanTech a Try™!

Kitchen Towels Sets (three towels in three colors)


Bath Towel Sets (includes hand and face towel) in three colors